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Numerous sandwich fillings

These fillings are great for a school packed lunch; they’re so tasty you’ll be taking them to work for your lunch, too

Posted by: kim




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You will need

Some of the ingredients suggested for sandwich fillings:
hard cheese Available only in our Edinburgh shops More products
Gala apple although lots of others to choose from

Sorry unavailable

More products
salad onions More products
lemon juice More products
mayonnaise made with olive oil More products
cucumber More products
cottage cheese Available only in our Edinburgh shops More products
roasted red peppers
celery More products
cream cheese, vegan option

Sorry unavailable

More products
sultanas More products
carrots More products
smooth peanut butter More products
crunchy peanut butter More products

Sorry unavailable

More products
pitted olives More products

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  • Mix your kiddies favourite grated hard cheese with grated apple, chopped spring onions, a squeeze of lemon and a little mayonnaise.
  • Real Foods stocks some great healthy mayonnaises which use cold pressed oil.. Try the Biona Mayonnaise made with extra virgin olive oil. It's much better for you than sunflower oil, unless you already eat lots of omega 3 to balance out the omega 6 in the sunflower oil, and extra tasty. This mix is delicious with wholemeal bread or rolls.
  • Try Marmite/ Vegemite, grated cheddar and sliced cucumber in a crusty baguette or roll - they'll either love it or hate it!
  • Fill some onion or regular bagels with soft cheese and roasted peppers from a jar.
  • Cream cheese with chopped celery and sultanas.
  • Grated carrot and cheese with some Real Foods sourced mayonnaise.
  • Grated cheese with chopped celery or carrot.
  • Peanut butter and grated carrot, surprisingly good.
  • Vegemite, cheese and tomato, a classic.
  • Boiled eggs are great in all kinds of combinations. They go with cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, onion, just about anything. Try adding a little sprinkle of mixed herbs to the egg slices, works really well.

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Gala Apples ORGANIC
Real Foods
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Salad Onions ORGANIC
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Mayonnaise With Olive Oil ORGANIC
Biona (230g)
Cucumber ORGANIC
Real Foods (each)
Green Celery ORGANIC
Real Foods (each)
Real Foods
Pitted Kalamata Olives
Olives Et Al (250g)