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Organic Oatcakes ingredients: Oatmeal (55.2%), Water*, Unhydrogenated Palm Oil*, Low Sodium Sea Salt* (* = Approved non-organic ingredient)

The Village Bakery are RSPO certified (the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

About Organic Oatcakes

These classic crunchy, crumbly organic oatcakes are incredibly moreish - one nibble and you'll be hooked! Brilliant with creamy cheese like stilton or dolce late, hummus and other dips, or just as they are. The Village Bakery make and bake these oatcakes according to Soil Association standards. The village bakery team don't rush their recipes - they skilfully dedicate the necessary time to baking so the finished product is as tasty and wholesome as possible. They use minimal processing and source good quality, simple, natural ingredients and they then bake their goods in small batches using wood-fired ovens.

Founded in 1976, The Village Bakery is one of the oldest established organic bakery brands. Its founder, Andrew Whitley, left London and his job as BBC Russian correspondent with a vision of establishing a 'village bakery' which would supply the everyday needs of the local community. Andrew travelled widely across Europe and brought back many ideas for different breads. He was showered with recipes, advice and loaves lovingly baked by village people. In Russia, he kneaded dough with a country bread maker and then slept on top of the masonry stove as the bread baked beneath. Their wonderful products are inspired by such experiences.

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