Dr Martin's Organic Coconut Water 500ml

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Organic Coconut Water ingredients: Organic coconut juice (99.9%), antioxidant ascorbic acid (0.1%).

About Organic Coconut Water

Dr Antonio Martins' Organic Coco Juice is carefully produced using a unique patented microfiltration and cold filling process, with 100% organic green coconuts (absolutely no mixed juice from mature coconuts, exclusively the healthier green ones).

It is the only isotonic drink prepared by nature, with an optimum electrolyte balance for effective rehydration and cellular nourishment.

Organic green coconuts have a particularly refreshing taste and the least calorie content of all natural juices. They have traditionally been used in the tropics for rehydration, to help detox the body, or as a healthy alkalising base for various drinks, smoothies or cocktails. (By the way, it is an ideal drink to rebalance the body's electrolytes after lots of parties...).

Dr Martins' plain organic coconut juice is as prescribed by mother nature. Enjoy chilled and tell your friends...

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Shhh .. Don't tell the coconut water that it is no longer inside the green coconut but inside a carton... This is the next best thing after drinking coconut water directly from the green coconut.

By Tilly White on 20/05/2013

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