Clipper Organic Everyday T-Bags Decaffeinated, 40bags

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Organic Everyday T-Bags Decaffeinated, ingredients: Organically grown tea. Less than 0.2% caffeine.

About Organic Everyday T-Bags Decaffeinated,

This de-caffeinated tea is organically grown at the exceptional height of 9,000ft above sea level in the wild and mountainous Upper Bhavani region of south India. Like the best Darjeeling, Clipper Decaffeinated is a light and refreshing tea that may be drunk with little or no milk to suit your personal taste. The natural, water based process of decaffeination also ensures that whilst the tea retains its attractive colour and delicate flavour, the caffeine is naturally removed.

To make the perfect cup of tea, use fresh boiling water and allow the tea to brew for 2-4 minutes.

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