Clipper Organic Chai T-Bags Indian FairTrade, 20bags

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Organic Chai T-Bags Indian FairTrade, ingredients: Organically grown tea, organic cinnamon, organic lemon peel, organic cardamom, organic cloves.

About Organic Chai T-Bags Indian FairTrade,

Clipper Organic Indian Chai is a real delight to the senses. A black tea with a warming blend of traditional spices. Incredibly refreshing with a rich, creamy flavour, bright colour and a wonderfully soothing and distinctive aroma.

The organic tea comes from a remote tea estate high in the Nigiri Hills of South India. The organic spices are from Sri Lanka. Clipper's tea producers are committed to organic and fair trading principles. The organic growing methods ensure the protection of the land, the animals and the people who live on it, creating a balanced, fertile, sustainable environment and a tea completely free from artificial chemicals. In keeping with Clipper's buying philosophy, all children receive good, full time education, there are extensive crèche, health, social and medical facilities and all workers receive employment contracts and good wages.

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This tea is wonderful! I love making tea eggs with them. Just break a handful of bags in water and boil 7 or 8 eggs in it, crack a bit the shells and then leave them soaking over night. DELICIOUS!!

By Cernunnas on 16/02/2013

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