Suma Organic Dill Herb 20g

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Organic Dill Herb ingredients: Organic Dill Herb

About Organic Dill Herb

Dill Herb is a bright, tasty addition to dips and dressings, omelettes, white sauces and soups.

Today's dehydration process keeps the dill weed exceptionally green and flavoursome, making it a colourful addition to many dishes. It is light and sweet, and because of this it is often added to a dish just before serving. The dill herb is popular in Greek, Turkish and Slavic cuisines for dishes containing mushrooms or spinach, casseroles, and with lamb. Amongst the German-American population, it is commonly used with egg and cheese dishes.

Dill is one of the oldest cultivated herbs, showing up in Neolithic graves, Greek and Roman ruins, and even the tomb of Amenhotep II.

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