Meridian Organic Seville Orange Fruit Spread no sugar added, 284g

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Organic Seville Orange Fruit Spread no sugar added, ingredients: Organic Apple Juice Concentrate (60%), Organic Seville Oranges (39%), Gelling Agent( Pectin*), Acidity Regulator Citric Acid*). Organically grown unless asterisked.

About Organic Seville Orange Fruit Spread no sugar added,

Organic Seville Oranges are harvested and graded before being gently cooked in Organic Apple Juice Concentrate to produce a flavoursome lightly set spread.

Delicious spread on bread and toast or stir into natural yoghurt and muesli for additional flavour.

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Until recently, Meridian used to make this spread with grape fruit concentrate, and it was delicious, with the dark, thick texture and peel that Seville Orange marmalade traditionally has. But now they have changed it to apple concentrate, and this has made the apple itself a rather dominant and sharp flavour. with less peel and the jam itself much 'thinner'in consistency. I am diabetic, and used to find all Meridian jams perfect for my needs. Now I am rapidly losing interest in most of their products, and having to start looking elsewhere.  Couldn't there be room for both recipes?

By on 20/06/2015

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