Meridian Organic Safflower Oil Unrefined Cold Pressed 500ml

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Organic Safflower Oil Unrefined Cold Pressed ingredients: Organic Safflower Oil (100%). Produce of more than one country. Organically grown.

About Organic Safflower Oil Unrefined Cold Pressed

Organic Whole Safflower Seeds are cold pressed to naturally extract the oil, which retains the distinct and delicate flavour. It has a very high omega 6 content and also contains omega 9 and sufficient vitamin E content for organic safflower oil to be used as a moisturiser on your face or as a carrier oil in aromatherapy.

Safflower oil is also excellent when used as a salad dressing, stir fry accompaniment or general cooking ingredient.

Safflower oil is taken from the thistle like safflower plant. The dried petals from the plant also have a culinary use as a natural yellow food colouring, sometime used as a substitute for saffron. Organic Safflower Oil is perfect for making dressings and dips. Try eating it with some roast garlic, balsamic oil, Clearspring Traditional Sea Salt and warm, crusty bread. Alternatively, drizzle it onto a salad of papaya, lime, spring onion and coriander for a refreshing, light dish. Organic Safflower Oil can also be used in sweet dishes; make a delicious granola by mixing some oats, bran, raisins and your favourite nuts, seeds and grains together. Bake in the oven until lightly toasted and then drizzle with a mixture of Organic Malt Syrup, apple juice and Organic Safflower Oil. Leave to cool and then enjoy! Safflower oil also lends a delicious texture to frozen desserts.

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