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3 Fruit Marmalade ingredients: Raw Cane Sugar, Oranges (21%), Grapefruits (10%), Lemons (5%), Lemon Juice (4%), Gelling Agent: Citrus Pectin.

About 3 Fruit Marmalade

Thursday Cottage use traditional open pan methods to produce a really 'home-made' style of marmalade. Marmalades are bitter-sweet, citrus based preserves traditionally eaten at breakfast. They are also useful in cooking in a variety of ways both for savoury and sweet dishes.

Thursday Cottage use traditional open pan methods to produce a really 'home-made' style of marmalade. The fruit is washed and sliced prior to being steamed, cane sugar is mixed with the steamed fruit in small 20lb/10kg pans and the resulting mixture is cooked rapidly over direct heat until just the right moment for setting.

Thursday Cottage is not just a cosy, made-up name on a jam-pot - it's a real cottage where our delicious range of jams, marmalades and curds were first produced.

Likewise all Thursday Cottage preserves are real products, just like your mother or grandmother made at home - full of fruit and natural flavours but with no harmful additives or any of the chemical preservatives that can be found in mass produced products.

And, because we make nothing other than jams, marmalades and curds, all our efforts are concentrated on making them, we hope, the best in the world.

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