Real Foods Brown Rice Short Grain Italy

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Brown Rice Short Grain Italy ingredients:

Short Grain Brown Rice. Sourced from Italy.

About Brown Rice Short Grain Italy

Short Grain Brown Rice is one of the most full-flavoured rice and is an excellent source of whole grain. After cooking, the grains are soft and cling together. Because of these properties, Short Grain Brown Rice is especially suitable in recipes where a creamy texture is desired, such as puddings, rice balls, croquettes, paella, and risotto.

We've been selling and shipping this product since 1974.

Brown Rice Short Grain Italy country of origin: Italy

Colour: Brown

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Customer reviews

I just switched from white rice to brown rice as it has more fibre. I just made rice pudding with this brown rice for the first time today. I was a bit dubious, but it was as delicious as when I used to make it with white rice, but with the extra health benefits of fibre.

By Freya Whitehouse on 08/08/2013

Try making a rice pudding with this - it makes an ordinary pudding into something really special.

By Oliver Saunders on 24/10/2012

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