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Muesli Healthy Start no sugar added ingredients:

Apple Diced with SO2, Banana Chips Honey Dipped, Bran Flakes, Coconut Chips Toasted, Unsulphd, Force Flakes, Hazelnuts Roasted Whole, Raisins Thompsons. No added sugar.

About Muesli Healthy Start no sugar added

Real Foods Healthy Start Muesli is designed to our own delicious recipe. Delicious banana chips and toasted coconut with toasted bran flakes are specifically tailored to those who are looking for an especially nutritious start. Excellent as a source of fibre, vitamins and minerals the slow release of energy is ideal to start your day with. No sugar added.

Read about Real Foods allergen labelling here.

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Customer reviews

LOVE this muesli - none of the packet varieties come anywhere close to this for a fantastic start to the day!

By Louise Jenkins on 07/05/2014

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Why not try one of our healthy recipes using this product

Vegan Hot Toasted Muesli Recipe

Summary: This is a great breakfast for Spring and Autumn, when it is too warm for steaming hot porridge, yet a bit cold for fruit salad. I cook the muesli in water, but before that I dry fry it for an amazing toasted flavour. I don't have a favourite muesli anymore : store-bought or home-made, ideally without any added sugar, preparing it this way turns every muesli into a favourite. The contrast of the warm muesli, cool vegan milk and fresh fruit makes this quick breakfast very sophisticated. You could also serve it with soy or coconut yoghurt. This muesli - water ratio makes it just the way I like it, soft but still chewy. For a chewier muesli use less water and a little more for a softer consistency. For gluten-free, just make sure you choose a wheat-free and gluten-free muesli.

Alkalising Dairy Free Egg Free Gluten Free No added sugar Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Free