Bio Planete Organic Sesame Oil 500ml

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Organic Sesame Oil ingredients: Organic Sesame Oil

About Organic Sesame Oil

Bio Planète Organic Sesame Oil - this sesame oil reminds one of hazelnuts due to its very mild flavour. It adds an oriental flavour to your food and should only be heated very gently. Mix it with vegetables, fish, rice and noodles just before serving. There are white, yellow, brown and black sesame seeds but this oil is made only using white ones. Because Bio Planète press the seeds untreated, not only are the main constituents retained, but so is the sesamolin, a substance peculiar to this plant, which acts as a natural anti-oxidant and preserves the oil.

For a number of years Bio Planète has worked hand in hand with BURKINATURE, a small export company based in Ouagadougou. The success of their sesame oil has enabled them, over the years, to develop a trusting relationship with BURKINATURE. Agreeing to renewable annual contracts and planning production over the long term allows their farmers to develop on an ongoing basis. Investment in training, technical support for farmers, and updating sanitary systems and hygiene have also been made possible.

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