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Organic Sunflower Oil ingredients: Sunflower Oil

About Organic Sunflower Oil

Sunflowers constantly turn towards the sun when growing, which means that they are very adept at storing the sun's energy. Each flower head contains approximately 2000 seeds. The seeds are only harvested in autumn when the bright yellow petals have faded and the plant has dried naturally. The black, oil-rich sunflower seeds are carefully cleaned and partially husked. This is a special procedure that makes the oil milder and less bitter. Next, the seeds are carefully pressed in small worm presses. During pressing heat is generated and this could result in valuable properties being lost, so we pay particular attention not to exert too much pressure on the seeds, so that they are pressed cold.

Gourmet Tip: Sunflower oil is most effective in its natural state in salads and raw vegetable dishes. It can also be gently heated and used for steaming, but never for frying or roasting. Health Tip: Our cold-pressed sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E and the essential linoleic acid indispensable for cell construction and healthy growth.

Virgin oils of Bio Planète are obtained from a single cold pressing. The seeds are carefully crushed in screw presses in the artisanal way - without heating and without chemical solvents so that the oils keep the authentic taste of the seeds. Taste the difference! Cold pressing preserves the essential fatty acids and other invaluable nutrients such as vitamins, and so virgin oils of Bio Planète are particularly healthy. Bio Planète has an oil for every dish, and because vegetable oils do not all have the same composition in fatty acids it's a great idea to vary them!

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