Pukka Organic Refresh Peppermint,Licorice & Rose T-Bags 20bags

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Organic Refresh Peppermint,Licorice & Rose T-Bags ingredients: Peppermint leaf 50%, liquorice root 20%, fennel seed, hibiscus flowers, rose flowers 5%, coriander seed

About Organic Refresh Peppermint,Licorice & Rose T-Bags

Naturally Caffeine Free Mint Refresh Tea from Pukka is sourced from organic ingredients and designed to clear out and balance your body and soul, leaving you refreshed and calm. Perfect after a meal to freshen your palate or anytime to freshen your day.

Refresh tea is a cooling blend of peppermint, liquorice and rose which helps you feel completely revived. It is the perfect minty blend for a cooling and totally chilled experience, and is ideal for balancing those fiery pitta types, using: wonderfully cooling peppermint leaf, roses and hibiscus flowers, digestion aiding fennel seed and coriander, and brilliantly balancing liquorice.

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