Dr. Stuart's Valerian Plus T-Bags 15bags

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Valerian Plus T-Bags ingredients: Limeflowers (50%), Valerian Root (20%), Hops (15%), Passion Flowers (10%), Fennel

About Valerian Plus T-Bags

Naturally caffeine free botanical infusion from Dr Stuart's. It is a traditional blend of valerian, lime flowers and hops.

Dr Stuarts range of botanical and fruit teas bears the name and endorsement of a scientist who widely supported and promoted the many beneficial values of the plant kingdom, and whose worldwide contributions to the subject of herbs have led to him being described as the Father of Modern Herbalism. Dr Stuarts Botanical Tea include Herbs to the strict German Pharmaceutical standards (D.A.B 10) to guarantee purity. This standard ensures that this tea is of the highest possible quality and that the blend has retained a high level of valuable essential oils - on average twice as high as ordinary herb teas.

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