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Chocolate Soap Wrapped ingredients:

Sodium palmate*, sodium Cocoate*, aquatheobroma cacao**, vanillin*, glycerine*, sodium chloride sodium citrate* (* vegetable origin / ** certified organic / May contain nuts.)

About Chocolate Soap Wrapped

Organic Cocoa contains flavonoids which have antioxidant properties. These can help to protect against free radicals which can accelerate the ageing process. In addition, chocolate contains both Serotonin and Phenyl ethylamine, two 'feel good' factors that are naturally released when we're happy and at peace with ourselves. It is said that the aroma of chocolate brings to mind pleasurable images. When washing with Chocolate Soap, the sweet aroma of our organic cocoa is released and your heightened senses pick up on this uplifting sensory delight. Suitable for all adults and children.

Chocolate Extracted oil from the cacao tree, has excellent emollient properties in addition to having many calming and relaxing qualities, so it is good for the skin and for general well being. It helps to moisturise the skin and to soften and protect chapped hands and lips Used in bath and shower products, the delicious aroma of chocolate creates a feeling of calm and inner bliss. These products are the ultimate luxury, a chocoholic's dream with the bonus of no added calories! Fun to use for all the family, children in particular love this soap.

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