Libby's Pumpkin Puree no added sugar 425g

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Pumpkin Puree no added sugar ingredients: 100% pumpkin

About Pumpkin Puree no added sugar

Libby's pumpkin purée - the classic American ingredient for pumpkin pie, but also try in muffins, cakes and pumpkin bread.

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Customer reviews

Shame Libby's is made by morally corrupt Nestle.

By Emma Hawes on 21/09/2015

Purchased for my dog, a golden reteiver who was suffering greatly with gut problems:( This is a brilliant source of fibre that does not cause irritation to sensitive dogs.A spoonful every day cured her of her problems almost immediately! On a human note it makes a great pumpkin pie, soups etc etc. Real foods service and prices second to none too. Very impressed!

By Ruth Blakelely on 01/03/2015

brilliant product at a fantastic price, I buy this for my Husky as part of a balanced diet, my husband also loves pumpkin pie, recommended it to all my husky owning friends

By taffyqueen on 05/02/2015

Made a delicious no-bake pumpkin pie using this as part of the filling. Absolutely perfect! (great customerservice from RealFoods too)

By Heather Perry on 05/11/2014

We bought this for veterinary purposes! Pumpkin purée is an excellent supplementary food for dogs who have problems with their digestive systems - it's pretty good for humans too. This arrived just in time to help our elderly Yorkie - he wolfed it down, is steadily recovering & is now a happier &!healthier pooch!

Meanwhile, we humans can report that our order was dealt with quickly & efficiently and that the items arrived in great shape.  Thank you!

Lynn Craig

By Lynn Craig on 29/04/2014

I have used this to make gluten, wheat, sugar free porridge and cake. Amazing product... 100% pumpkin and nothing else which is why I bought this brand... And every recipe has come out better than expected and very very tasty. I have no need to peel/scoop/chop a whole pumpkin ever again. Extremely impressed.

By Niki Baidoo on 24/10/2013

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