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All Purpose Sponge ingredients: 100% wood-based cellulose.

About All Purpose Sponge

The thin All Purpose Sponge is made from pure plastic free, wood based cellulose - nothing else. Use it for cleaning house as well as body. Holds soap and liquids very well, making it soft and nice to use and feel on your skin. The thin sponge is very ideal for wiping surfaces like tables, mirrors etc. as it leaves no dust when used. The All Purpose Sponge is reusable and washable. Wash it standing in dishwasher's top drawer or in washing machine if very dirty. Washing machine shortens sponge lifespan.

Waste Management: Pure cellulose can decompose with bio waste. Ask locally if cellulose is ok in your bio waste bin, or put it in non-recyclables. Don't put dirty cleaning products in bio waste, as compost is supposed to go back to nature.

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