Botonique Organic Alcohol Free Crisp White Wine Vegan, 750ml

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Organic Alcohol Free Crisp White Wine Vegan, ingredients: Sparkling water 76%, pear juice from concentrate, prelixir nutrient blend (glycine, potassium citrate, vitamins c, b3, malic acid, inositol, n-acetyl l-cysteine, choline bi-tartrate, calcium pantothenate, vitamins b6, b1, b12), botanical extracts inc milk thistle and panax ginseng, natural flavours

About Organic Alcohol Free Crisp White Wine Vegan,

High notes from citrus and basil, base notes from pananx ginseng and milk thistle seed, with a host a flavour notes from many herbs and spices in between, and a long dry finish. The dryness of a dry prosecco, acidity of a Sauvignon Blanc, the minerality of an Albarino, but a completely unique flavour. No grapes involved and the alcohol used to extract the flavour and goodness has been removed. Great with fish, seafood, anti-pasti, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine.

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