LoveBurgh 1000mg Raw Hemp Paste 10ml

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1000mg Raw Hemp Paste ingredients: Each 10ml Package Contains: 1000mg CBD+CBDa+CBG, 50 servings / 20mg per serving, Approx. 600mg CBD total, Approx. 400mg CBDa total, Trace levels CBG, CBC, Healthy Omega 3+6, Natural Plant Terpenes, Low THC, Under 0.2%, Clean Co2 Extracted, Zero Preservatives, Zero Chemicals, True Entourage Effect.

About 1000mg Raw Hemp Paste

The raw 10% paste is our proprietary co2 extracted hemp paste. This paste is unrefined entirely, it is derived from the flowers only and has a complete nutritional set from the plant, containing many beneficial elements such as terpenes, waxes, fats, amino-acids as well as an array of naturally occurring cannabinoids. This paste is CBDa rich accounting for almost half the cannabinoid content making it as close to the live hemp plant as possible.

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