Caveman 100% Coconut MCT Oil 625ml

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100% Coconut MCT Oil ingredients: 100% MCT Coconut oil.

About 100% Coconut MCT Oil

Caveman Coffee 100% Coconut MCT Oil is made from coconut oil and is sustainably raised. MCT are easily digested, absorbed, and used as energy for the body. Adding this to your diet can increase your energy, stamina and performance. Consuming MCT with other supplements and food can help the absorption of those nutrients.

Caveman Coffee Co. MCT oil is sourced sustainably and is derived 100% from coconuts. They have made a choice to cut out Palm Oil MCT entirely.

MCT oil is colourless and virtually odourless. It is liquid at room temperature and very stable due to the high content of medium chain triglycerides, Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10).

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