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Chestnut Spread ingredients: Chestnuts, vanilla, sugar and water.

About Chestnut Spread

Clement Faugier "crème de marrons" is a French classic made of chestnuts, confectionery syrup, sugar and vanilla. It's an irresistible dessert on its own, but it can as well be eaten on toast, crepes, or as a refined side to ice cream. Tubes of chestnut spread are a great and handy snack for all outdoor activities.

Created by the confectioner Clement Faugier himself more than a century ago, this chestnut spread has been popular with the French ever since. The old fashioned logo is instantly recognised by French consumers. Established in 1882 in Ardeche, France's most prominent chestnut region, Clement Faugier has remained a local family-owned business to this day.

A very common snack all over France: A crepe filled with crème de marrons (sometimes with some chocolate sauce and/or whipped cream). A staple in any cold weather and in ski resorts too.

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This is wonderful - be warned it will not last long unless you hide it somewhere in the kitchen no one else can find it.

By Jennifer Harrison on 03/12/2014

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