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Sweet Chestnut Spread ingredients: Chestnuts, vanilla, sugar and water

About Sweet Chestnut Spread

Clement Faugier Sweet Chestnut Purée (Crème de Marrons) is a delicious ingredient in many desserts. It also works well simply spread on toast, or even as a sponge cake filler. Clement Faugier created this now extensively popular delicacy back in 1882 and the factory has been churning out the stuff ever since. It is eaten throughout France, often with yoghurt or ice cream.

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I have to buy these larger tins of chestnut puree if I want it to last any length of time in our house. With chestnut pancakes it is really, really good. I have also used it to fill and decorate cakes with good results. Mind you, some of my family would eat it straight from the tin if I allowed them too.

By Laura White on 03/12/2014

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Summary: These pancakes have a lovely sweet and nutty flavour, thanks to the chestnut flour. You can use half chestnut half spelt, like I do, or half rye flour, half chestnut flour. For gluten-free pancakes, use all chestnut or half chestnut and half gluten-free flour mix. Delicious on their own, or filled with chestnut puree for extra chestnut sweetness.