Superfoodies Organic Cacao Butter 100g

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Organic Cacao Butter ingredients: Cacao butter.

About Organic Cacao Butter

SuperFoodies Organic Cacao Butter is the cold pressed virgin oil of the cacao bean. Decadently aromatic Cacao Butter introduces a whole new world for healthy desserts, cakes and making your own chocolates. It melts at 35C degrees and is best melted by placing in a bowl over simmering hot water. You will love the aroma.

Organic Cacao Butter contains oleic acid, which is the same healthy fat commonly found in olive oil. It is also a rich source of vitamin E.

SuperFoodies Cacao Butter contains natural antioxidants as well as nutrients to support mood and immune system. It can also be applied as a moisturizer topically on the skin or blended into soaps and lotions.

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