Beutelsbacher Organic Apple Juice Demeter no sugar added, 750ml

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Organic Apple Juice Demeter no sugar added, ingredients: apples

About Organic Apple Juice Demeter no sugar added,

Natural Organic Apple Juice 100 % natural organic juice from fresh pressed apples, which are bio-dynamic cultivated (Demeter) - no added sugar, not from concentrate. These apples are grown on trees from bio-dynamic farms. Beutelsbacher only take apples from carefully selected cultivations areas, which are the best for the quality of the apples. Additionally we choose the sorts of apples, which are destined for our apple juice. It is a matter of our long experience with bio-dynamic grown apples, which gives us the ability to select the best variety of apples. Sun matured bio-dynamic apples are pressed to make our aromatic apple juice. By processing as gently as possible, we get a naturally cloudy, pure juice with all the goodness and flavour of the apples. No genetically modified organism, no chemical preservatives, colourings or sweeteners.

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