Tsuno Bamboo Panty Liners 20pack

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Bamboo Panty Liners ingredients: Natural Bamboo and Corn Fibre

About Bamboo Panty Liners

Tsuno's ultra-thin panty liners are soft and super-comfortable, and their super-absorbent bamboo fibre makes them all you need for light days. (They're also great peace of mind for heavier days.) Bamboo fibres have natural antimicrobial properties and a hollow structure that gives them a superb wicking ability to keep you drier, and they're also very Earth-friendly to produce: Bamboo uses little water, doesn't require pesticides, and doesn't contribute to soil erosion.

Tsuno's liners are made without chlorine or dioxin bleach and come in recyclable/biodegradable packaging, and Tsuno donate 50% of their profits to charities like One Girl that help vulnerable women and girls with access to education and menstrual support.

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