TreeVitalise Organic Birch Tree Water Original Gluten Free, Vegan, 750ml

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Organic Birch Tree Water Original Gluten Free, Vegan, ingredients: organic birch sap, citric acid

About Organic Birch Tree Water Original Gluten Free, Vegan,

TreeVitalise's organic birch waters are 100% natural and unsweetened. Best of all, with each bottle you get nature's own blend of vitamins and minerals, brewed inside a tree!

TreeVitalise in its Original form is birch sap just as you would get it tapped straight from the tree - a burst of spring freshness. This Organic birch water comes from the Carpathian Mountains, an ecologically clean area of great natural beauty known as the "Green Pearl" of Eastern Europe. And it's the mixed forests here that give TreeVitalise its special taste.

In the first weeks of Spring thaw, when the snows begin to melt, the roots of the birch tree absorb the new water. This liquid is enriched with all the nutrients that have been stored in the roots over winter, and drawn up into the trunk and branches. Filtered by the tree and packed with vitality, the "living" water wakes the tree from its winter sleep and kick-starts it into new life. This only happens for a couple of weeks a year, this is the moment TreeVitalise tap the tree. They only take a small share, and leave plenty of revitalising water for the tree itself. So the birch, totally unharmed, stays happy and healthy, while TreeVitalise bring some of its vitality for you to enjoy.

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