Erbology Organic Amaranth Seed Oil Virgin 50ml

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Organic Amaranth Seed Oil Virgin ingredients: Typical nutrition (per 100g): Squalene 6.25g ? Vitamin E 67.8mg ? Linoleic acid (omega-6) 50g

About Organic Amaranth Seed Oil Virgin

Erbology Amaranth Seed Oil is loaded with squalene. When squalene and water fuse oxygen is released into our body's remotest cells to stimulate natural metabolism and boost immunity. Around 12% of overall bodily squalene content is secreted through the skin. Amaranth seed oil helps protect the body from the damaging free radicals and turn dull and tired-looking skin into a glowing, moisturised skin.

Enjoy a spoonful of our precious cold-pressed amaranth seed oil in salad, porridge, yogurt or smoothie. Apply a small amount to skin and hair.

Note: Not suitable for pan cooking.

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