Lucy Bee Organic Cacao Powder 100% FairTrade, 250g

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Organic Cacao Powder 100% FairTrade, ingredients: 100% Organic Cacao Powder. All the Lucy Bee products are produced and packed in nut and peanut free environments.

About Organic Cacao Powder 100% FairTrade,

Lucy Bee Organic, Fair Trade Cacao Powder.

Sought after by the most discerning chocolate makers, Lucy Bee Cacao is from a rare breed of Criollo and Forastero beans, grown in mineral rich soil. Being a natural cacao, rather than a processed Dutch-style powder, These same Criollo cocoa beans have a rich, intricate taste with flavours of caramel, nuts and vanilla, giving this cacao a unique, smooth flavour. Meanwhile, the Forastero bean (which creates around 80% of the world's chocolate) is added to the blend to offset the bitterness that Criollo beans can sometimes have. Lucy Bee Cacao retains the maximum value of antioxidants and also gives you a richer, fuller, more traditional taste.

The producers, Daniel and Gabriela, set up their plantation with a vision to not only support the local community but also to share with you the natural wonder of cacao. Lucy Bee Cacao is brought to you by a mainly female team of single mothers, from the beautiful mountainous "cacao belt" of the Dominican Republic.

This is a natural, organic product, but it is not classed as raw for 2 reasons. In the making of this cacao powder/drinking chocolate, the beans are fermented. Whilst the temperature should not go above 45C, because this is a natural process Lucy Bee are unable to guarantee that at no point during this, does the temperature go above 45C. Secondly, some would say that for cacao to be considered truly raw, it shouldn't be roasted either, however, Lucy Bee's producer advices that the beans need to be roasted otherwise they are too bitter. The beans used for this cacao / drinking chocolate are roasted with a maximum temperature of 45C.

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