The Clay Cure Zeolite Detox Clay Supplement 250g

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Zeolite Detox Clay Supplement ingredients: 100% Pure Naturally Dried Clinoptilolite Clay.

About Zeolite Detox Clay Supplement

Zeolite Detox Pure Clinoptilolite Clay from the South Aegean Volcanic Arc region of Turkey.

A naturally occurring mineral of volcanic origin formed millions of years ago, when lava and ash fell into the sea. Clinoptilolite Zeolite is a mineral with unique properties. Due to their open molecular structure and naturally occurring negative charge Clinoptilolite Zeolite acts a cage, trapping positively charged particles such as heavy metals and pesticides. It is then excreted through the body's natural elimination channels in a safe and effective manner. Zeolite Detox is suitable for natural detoxification of heavy metals and cleansing of intestinal tract.

Other benefits include:
Balancing Ph levels, reduces free radicals, increases assimilation and improves nutrient absorption.

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