Sea Tangle Konaberry Kelp Noodles 340g

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Konaberry Kelp Noodles ingredients:

water, kelp, konaberry, sodium alginate

About Konaberry Kelp Noodles

The lovely people over at Sea Tangle have added konaberry to their standard Kelp Noodles, a sea vegetable in the form of an easy-to-eat noodle. What is konaberry? It is the fruit that surrounds and protects the coffee bean. Konaberry is thought to contain six times more anti-oxidants than Acai. Not only do you get a great noodle that's raw, gluten-free, rice-free, and full of trace minerals, you also get the added benefits of the powerful anti-oxidants found in konaberry. These Kelp Noodles are so easy to prepare and great-tasting, you'll be amazed with just how many ways you can prepare them. No cooking is required. Just rinse and add to any dish and they're ready to enjoy!

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