A Vogel BioSnacky Menopause Sprouting Mix 4pack

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BioSnacky Menopause Sprouting Mix ingredients: Alfalfa: Organically grown Alfalfa seeds;
Broccoli: Organically grown Sprouting Broccoli seeds (Brassica rapa var. cymosa, Raab);
Gourmet Mix: Organically grown quinoa, white radish and lentil seeds;
Red Clover: Organically grown Red Clover seeds.

About BioSnacky Menopause Sprouting Mix

BioSnacky Menopause Pack from A Vogel - Organically grown seeds for sprouting.

During the run up to the menopause, as well as during the menopause itself, it's very important for women to have as healthy a diet as possible, to fuel the changes that are taking place in their bodies. Alfalfa and Broccoli are highly nutritious, whilst Gourmet Mix contains quinoa and lentil, full of protein. Red Clover is well known for its application in the menopause.

The BioSnacky Superfood pack contains:

  • 1 pack of Alfalfa
  • 1 pack of Broccoli
  • 1 pack of Gourmet Mix
  • 1 pack of Red Clover.
  • Sprouting your own BioSnacky seeds will provide you with a constant supply of fresh organic living sprouts for use every day and all year round. Sprouts will be harvested fresh from the germinator (sold separately) and before they lose any of their nutritional benefits.

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