A Vogel Organic BioSnacky Superfood Sprouting Mix 4pack

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Organic BioSnacky Superfood Sprouting Mix ingredients: Broccoli: Organically grown Sprouting Broccoli seeds (Brassica rapa var. cymosa, Raab);
Wellness Mix: Organically grown Red Clover, White Radish, Mung Bean and Lentil seeds;
Fitness Mix: Organically grown wheat seeds, mung beans and radish;
Red Clover: Organically grown Red Clover seeds.

About Organic BioSnacky Superfood Sprouting Mix

BioSnacky Superfood Pack from A Vogel - Organically grown seeds for sprouting.

Just what you need to give a delectable tang to your salads, as well as providing you with vitamins and minerals in a natural raw food state. Those of us who have been devotees of the honourable broccoli for many years are both pleased and amused to see the increasing numbers of health properties being discovered by scientist probing its green depths. The scope of the nutritional spectrum covered by other mixes in the pack leaves nothing to be desired except more layers in the germinator to sprout them all at once!

The BioSnacky Superfood pack contains:

  • 1 pack of Broccoli
  • 1 pack of Wellness Mix
  • 1 pack of Fitness Mix
  • 1 pack of Red Clover.
  • Sprouting your own BioSnacky seeds will provide you with a constant supply of fresh organic living sprouts for use every day and all year round. Sprouts will be harvested fresh from the germinator (sold separately) and before they lose any of their nutritional benefits.

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