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Peanut Flour Gluten Free ingredients: Roasted fat-reduced peanuts

About Peanut Flour Gluten Free

Sukrin Peanut flour, delicious gluten-free, high protein flour alternative. Produced from fat-reduced peanuts. Sukrin Fat-Reduced Finely Ground Peanut Flour is milled from roasted US grown peanuts. Gluten-free, with a low Glycaemic Index and low Glycaemic Load, this peanut flour is 50% pure high quality protein, with around 1/4 of the fat of regular peanuts. Sukrin Peanut Flour contains 11% pure fibre.

The peanuts are simply ground, then pressed to extract some of the oils, leaving a pure, naturally fat reduced flour, with the delicious taste of peanuts and packed with protein and nutrients. Sukrin's whole food flours are never bleached or heat treated.

Because it has a low GI and low Glycaemic Load, with little impact on blood sugar, Sukrin Peanut Flour is great for diabetics and those on low-glycaemic diets. Sukrin Peanut Flour, naturally low in carbohydrates, can help keep blood sugar levels stable.

Naturally gluten-free, packed in a gluten-free environment and certified gluten-free by the BRC and Coeliac UK, Sukrin Peanut Flour, like all Sukrin products, is safe to use for those who cannot tolerate gluten.

You can use Sukrin low-carb Peanut Flour to replace some of the flour in your baking, to help lower the carb content of your dish. You can also make healthier peanut butter, just by adding a little oil or water, and it´s delicious in a banana milk shake or stirred through your porridge. It's a natural thickener for sauces stews and gravies.

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