Inspiral Visionary Foods Organic Love Mix Powder 100g

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Organic Love Mix Powder ingredients: palmyra blossom nectar (sugavida)*,muira puama powder (16%), horny goatweed powder* (12%), beetroot powder*, catuaba powder, damiana powder (3%), clavohuasca powder, maca*, nothing else. *73% of ingredients are organic

About Organic Love Mix Powder

Get ready for love and rev up your booty with this curious blend of powdered natural plants, used around the world to put a sparkle in the eye and gusto below the beltloops! Simply add this powder mix to smoothies, juices or recipes when desiring an extra love kick! With low G.I. sugavida (palmyra blossom nectar) for a non-bitter sweet hit, we think you're gonna love it! Sugavida is currently the only known plant-based, bio- available source of vitamin B12 in the world! It also has only 3.1 grams of fructose sugar, per 100 grams! (Contains up to 40 servings. Suggested serving size = 1tsp)

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