Nielsen Massey Organic Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Extract sugar free, 118ml

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Organic Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Extract sugar free, ingredients: Water, Organic Alcohol (35%), Organic Vanilla Bean Extractives.

About Organic Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Extract sugar free,

Organic Vanilla Extract provides the creamy, sweet, smooth and mellow flavour of the Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla, but in an organic product. Using all organically-certified ingredients, it is made under the same stringent quality and purity standards as the company's other Pure Vanilla Extracts.

One tablespoon of vanilla extract is equivalent to one vanilla bean.

This vanilla extract is created from real vanilla pods and is essential in a wide variety of cooking and baking. Enjoy in a wide range of foods, from classic sweet treats (cookies, pastries, ice cream and more) to savoury foods (soups, sauces, vegetables and more). Try putting some in your home made smoothies, for a superb taste.

Fairtrade Canada, a national, non-profit Fairtrade certification organisation and member of Fairtrade International, is responsible for certifying the beans we use. Fairtrade certified vanilla ensures that small-scale farmers in developing countries receive a fair price and use sustainable farming practices, stabilising vanilla-producing communities and protecting the environment. It also ensures a consistent supply of ingredients to customers. Fairtrade certified vanilla is grown in the shade, integrated with other crops, which in turn helps protect against erosion and deforestation.

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Customer reviews

I bought this and there was no dropper in it and when I made some cakes I tipped half a bottle in, really thought there should be a dropper in such an expensive bottle of vanilla. Otherwise I would have given 5 stars as it does taste good.

By Sally Ann Orrin on 04/11/2016

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