The Raw Chocolate Company Organic Mulberries Raw FairTrade, 150g

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Organic Mulberries Raw FairTrade, ingredients: Organic white mulberries.

About Organic Mulberries Raw FairTrade,

The Raw Chocolate Company's sun-dried Turkish White Mulberries are sweet, tasty and chewy as toffee yet totally natural. The perfect sweet snack that's good for you and your kids, mulberries are delicious sprinkled on desserts, cereals and in baking.

The perfect sweet snack, and a healthier alternative to raisins, a handful of Raw Mulberries satisfies a sweet tooth and gives a sustained boost of energy at any time of day. Alternatively, Raw Mulberries are delicious sprinkled on desserts, cereals and in baking.

For a wholesome, nutritious, low glycaemic alternative to granulated sugar, try whizzing up some Mulberries in the food processor and they will turn into granulated Mulberry sugar! This makes a healthy, tasty substitution for sugar in recipes for flapjacks, cookies and crumbles.

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