Cocofina Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Gluten Free, Vegan, 350ml

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Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Gluten Free, Vegan, ingredients: Cocofina Organic, Raw, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Sourced from Thailand

About Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Gluten Free, Vegan,

Raw, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Cocofina. Coconut oil is high in fat, but it's the good kind, medium chain fatty acids that are being studied for their effect on energy and how they're uptaken. Some folk swear by a little coconut oil in their green tea or porridge as an early morning energy boost, for others it's just a lovely smelling moisturiser! Try some gently cooked with sautéed veg or drizzled over a salad and see if the fresh, coconutty taste is for you. Highly recommended for sports folk for a healthy burst of good fats and brilliant if you have sensitive or dry skin.

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I keep a jar of coconut oil in the kitchen cupboard and another jar in the bathroom. It is wonderful for cooking with - although personally I don't think it improves the flavour of fried eggs at all. In the bathroom I use it after a shower on particular areas of dry skin and it makes a huge difference.

By Ian Masters on 27/08/2014

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