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Guarana Powder ingredients: 100% finely ground seed of paullinia cupana

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RIO AMAZON GUARANA is used by busy mums, high-speed executives, students, athletes, drivers, teachers - in short by everyone who can use some extra energy! RIO AMAZON GUARANA can also be used for hangovers after a night out, and of course before the night starts to really get going! The taste of GUARANA is distinctive and unique. This natural stimulant helps to increase physical stamina and endurance, mental clarity and alertness and sexual energy and reduces the physical effects of stress! It is a boon for slimmers giving zero-calorie energy, and with a natural appetite check. Though Brazilians from footballers to models, students to ravers have been enjoying GUARANA for years, whether in drinks, chews, powder or gum GUARANA is now getting more and more popular all over the world. A few more years and GUARANA could be just as famous as the Brazilian National Football Team!
Provides gentle stimulation over a period of several hours Helps reduce mental and physical fatigue Contains only pure ground guarana seed from the Brazilian Amazon prepared using traditional drying methods Guarana seed contains 4-8 percent caffeine.

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