Porto-Muinos Dried Lettuce Seaweed 25g

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Dried Lettuce Seaweed ingredients:

Dried Sea Lettuce

About Dried Lettuce Seaweed

Porto-Muinos love the sea and seaweed life and their Spanish seaweed from the Galician sea is fabulous. Their products have the best health food conscious gourmets in mind. Seaweeds are marine biological products subjected to uncomplicated treatments, which assures that their unique properties are preserved. These sea vegetables are versatile and have their own personality. They coexist with traditional cuisine, while offering new possibilities to modern quality cuisine, such as new flavours, colours and textures.

Dehydrated Sea Lettuce 25 g

Uses in the kitchen

Nature: Dressing in salads.

Toasted: Baking and crushing in a mortar as condiment.

Boiling: In soups, creams, croquettes, scrambled, vegetable soups and pie. As garnish dishes of fish or shellfish. To wrap up rice with fish raw or marinated: Japanese green sushi.


Hydrated: Submerge in water with a little salt for 5 minutes. When it is hydrated, it increases 4 times its weight than when dried.

Cooking: Cook for 5 minutes.

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