Algamar Organic Dulse Seaweed 500g

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Organic Dulse Seaweed ingredients:

Organic Dulse

About Organic Dulse Seaweed

It's always worth saying again - we consider seaweeds to be one of the most important basic elements of a healthy diet. Cooked or raw, it doesn't matter, seaweeds are the business! Eat as many as you can to feel grounded and connected to the entirety of our beautiful mother planet.

Dulse is probably our favourite seaweed, closely followed by nori and sea spaghetti. We love dulse because it doesn't need soaking, for its sweet and tender flavour, and because it is purple. We love to eat whole bowls of dulse with a little dressing! Or try the dulse crackers recipe in Eat Smart, Eat Raw, or dulse crisps from Raw Living.

Another excellent way of enjoying dulse is to eat them with Brazil nuts - you will find that you only need a small number of nuts as the Dulse provides the minerals that your body finds deeply nourishing. Wrap some Dulse around the nut, this can keep you going for hours. Children love this too!

100 g = Complement for 10 portions.

Average values per 100 g:

Proteins: 18%, Fats: 2%, Carbohydrates: 56%, Fibre: 2,5%, Potassium: 7310 mg, Calcium: 560 mg, Magnesium: 610 mg, Phosphorous: 235 mg, Iron: 50 mg, Iodine: 55 mg, Vitamin A.: 1,59 mg, Vitamin B12: 0,9 mg, Vitamin C: 34,5 m

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