Raw Living Organic Incan/Cape/Golden Berries Raw 100g

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Organic Incan/Cape/Golden Berries Raw ingredients:

Dried Goldenberries

About Organic Incan/Cape/Golden Berries Raw

Organic Golden berries, often called Incan berries, are the South American superfood, nature's nutritional powerhouse. Recent studies found these Golden berries to have an antioxidant capacity higher than Goji berries and other major dried fruits. Dried Golden berries are very high in fibre with 19g fibre per 100g. More importantly, Golden berries contain soluble fibre necessary for controlling appetite and reducing cholesterol re-absorption in the intestine. They contain a wide range of nutrients including vitamin C, potassium and phosphorus and are naturally low in sodium.

Raw Living Golden berries are sourced from Terrafertil who produced the world's best Golden berries. You will taste the difference!

Terrafertil is now BRC certified which guarantees the best possible quality Golden berries in the world. NO other Goldenberry producer has this certification.

The location for the cultivation of these Golden berries was chosen very carefully. Naturally rich volcanic soil, a high amount of organic matter and minerals, mild to low temperatures and low humidity. These conditions create the perfect soil for the Goldenberry to grow and thrive.

The Hacienda Tambillo Alto (or farm) is located just south from Quito, in the province of Pichincha, Ecuador. All of the natural vegetation of the area is maintained under a strict organic environmental policy and respect for nature. The farms were also selected for their rich fertile topsoil which is one to one and half metres deep. The land selected is on a 20 degree slope so that and the airflows are optimal and so that the plants grow healthy and strong. The cool year round temperatures which remain reasonably constant are ideal. There is continuous water available for irrigation and there are wells and reservoirs for water conservation and re-circulation. Everything is managed so the organic Golden berries are of the highest quality possi

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