Nakd Apple Crunch Snackbar Gluten Free, Vegan 30g

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Apple Crunch Snackbar Gluten Free, Vegan ingredients: Deliciously Simple!- Made with Dates, soya protein crunchies (18%), cashew nuts, raisins, dried apple (6.5%), apple juice concentrate, Bramley apple flavouring.

* contains only the naturally occurring, unrefined sugars found within fruit. Nothing is added or refined. **Allergy information: may contain traces of nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds.

About Apple Crunch Snackbar Gluten Free, Vegan

Delicious and honest to its core!

As with all of our crunchtastic Nakd Crunch bars, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with our Apple Crunch, containing 100% natural ingredients. Subtly sweet with a touch of tang, this bar is dense with a crunchy texture and is seriously satisfying thanks to the protein crunchies that keep hunger at bay for longer. The best thing about this bar is that its gluten, dairy and wheat free, with no added sugars or syrups and no hidden additives which makes this a completely guilt free treat that you'll love from the first bite.

When it comes to healthy snacks, having a small stockpile is always a good idea, especially when they're as tasty as these. Grab yourself a case of Apple Crunch bars and make sure that you always have a tasty snack on hand for when hunger hits.

All natural, yummy and nutritious.

Whether you need a quick snack at work or something to munch on after a workout, Apple Crunch is the perfect natural pick me up wherever you are. So what makes them so good? Well, Nakd take a whole bunch of dates, some cashews, raisins and real apple pieces, smoosh them together with some soya crunchies (for the protein) and you have their awesome Apple Crunch. There are no added sugars or syrups and all ingredients are 100% natural which means you can enjoy these bars totally guilt-free.

They are completely: Dairy free Wheat and Gluten-Free Vegan friendly Low in saturated fats Free from added sugar and syrups GM Free Kosher

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Customer reviews

These are a great snack for travelling with and taste delicious. They are made with dates though so they still need to be eaten as a treat.

By Anna McLeod on 02/05/2017

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