Stoats Apple & Cinnamon Porridge Oats Snackbar 50g

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Apple & Cinnamon Porridge Oats Snackbar ingredients: Scottish porridge oats (39.8%), unsalted butter, soft brown sugar, golden syrup, dried apple (9.9%), sultanas, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon (0.2%)

About Apple & Cinnamon Porridge Oats Snackbar

Another excellent addition to the growing Stoats range, this apple and cinnamon porridge oat bar is proudly made with real fruit: packed full of dried apple and sultanas and accentuated with cinnamon, we couldn't believe that one small bar could contain so much flavour! Made with quality natural ingredients and the best Scottish porridge oats, this is another sure-fire winner from Stoats.

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