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Psyllium Husks Vegan ingredients: Psyllium Husks

About Psyllium Husks Vegan

Psyllium husks come from the Psyllium seed, and provide a healthy, natural source of soluble dietary fibre that helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and can provide gentle relief from constipation. Blend into vegetable or fruit juices. Aids water absorption in the bowel; ensure you drink plenty of water when using this product. A source of fibre that contains mucilage which can help to soothe the lining of the bowel. Psyllium is very high in dietary fibre, low GI and Gluten-Free. It is easy to sprinkle onto any meal for a fibre boost.

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Great addition to my morning juice. It gives the juice a bit more 'body' which I like and the soluble fibre definitely helps to keep me full until lunch

By Scott Murray on 22/01/2014

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