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Organic Chocolate Drops ingredients:

Cane sugar * (44%), Cocoa mass* (42,8%), Cocoa butter* (12,9%), Soy Lecithin (0.2% IP), aroma 0.05%) * From Organic Farming.

Nutritional values (per 100 gram) (from supplier) Energy 2263 KJ 538 Kcal, Protein (g) 5.2, Fat (g) 36.2 Saturated: 22.7, Mono- & Poly-unsaturated: 13.5, Carbohydrates (g) 47.5 Mono-& di-saccharides: 43.9 Poly-saccharides: 3.4 Dietary fibre (g) 9.

produce of The Netherlands.

Current specification shows possible cross contamination of nuts and lactose.

About Organic Chocolate Drops

Organic Chocolate Drops. 6-8 mm in size, these chocolate drops are ideal for baking or for a sweet treat. They are often used to perk up trail and raw mixes, try adding your favourite seeds and nuts to make your own personalised mix.

Read about Real Foods allergen labelling here.

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Customer reviews

These chocolate drops are perfect for baking. The grain free chocolate chip cookies recipe is also a real winner.  I love having these in the cupboard, not just for baking but for those sneaky moments when you just must have chocolate!

By Jennifer Reeves on 26/08/2015

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