Nutiva Coconut Manna Spread 425g

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Coconut Manna Spread ingredients: Organic Whole Coconut

About Coconut Manna Spread

Coconut Manna TM is great to use in various recipes as a replacement for milk, cream, yoghurt or butter. It's delicious on top of or mixed into rice, oatmeal, cereals, and smoothies. Some folks love it spread on toast or crackers (for a strong "coconut-ty" flavour.) CREAMY WHOLE COCONUT: Coconut Manna TM is a delicious whole food, made of pure, dried coconut flesh. This tropical "melts in your mouth" treat contains 12% fibre and 9% protein and nourishing fats. Warm it up to spread the goodness. Discover great Coconut Manna TM Recipes for smoothies, sauces, dressings, desserts, icing, and ice cream. To liquefy, place jar in hot water for 2 minutes and stir. Note: the red or brown specks are characteristic of natural coconut products.

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