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Organic Goji Berry Powder ingredients: Organic Goji Berry Powder

About Organic Goji Berry Powder

This organic goji powder originates from the heights of the Qinhai-Tibet plateau in China. Packed with polysaccharides, it is an ideal way to enjoy the benefits of this ancient Chinese medicine. Mix with water to create a delicious goji berry juice or blend in with other nutritious ingredients for the ultimate super smoothie.

The harvested fruit is then transported to a processing centre where it is freeze-dried at -54 C. This process ensures the goji berries retain their original flavour, colour and, most importantly, their highly valued nutritional content. After the dried product is inspected and quality-tested, it is milled into a fine powder that is easy to store and incorporate into a daily die

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All the goodness of antioxidant packed goji berries in convenient powder form, ready to add to puddings, raw sauces and desserts, smoothies or anything that takes your fancy for delicate sweetness and extra nutrition.

By Freya Whitehouse on 17/09/2013

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