Raw Living Peppermint & Chocolate Crispy Cakes Vegan 9x30g

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Peppermint & Chocolate Crispy Cakes Vegan ingredients: organic cacao butter, Peruvian carob, organic cacao powder, XyloSweet, buckwheaties, raisins, organic hulled hemp seeds, peppermint oil

About Peppermint & Chocolate Crispy Cakes Vegan

If anything on this website is too good to be true, this is it. Buy some little paper cases from a cook shop to put them in, and when they're ready sit down in front a YouTube video of your favourite kids TV programme to be transported into childhood nostalgic bliss. Then eat another one, and decide that being seven years old was pretty good, but actually here and now is the best it's ever been.

The recipe for Chocolate Crispy Cakes can be found in Raw Magic (pg200) - for more like this, why not buy the book. People often ask us to recommend products and are sometimes surprised when we say the books - probably because they can't eat them - the books, like consultations, are such a time and money saving investment, and a brilliant jump start into living with raw magic.

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Lovely way to add some raw food to the diet - a bit procey, but when you taset them they are worth every penny.

By Simon Jackson on 28/01/2015

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