Lucy Bee Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil FairTrade, 500ml

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Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil FairTrade, ingredients: Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil

About Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil FairTrade,

This fantastic extra virgin coconut oil from Lucy Bee comes to you raw, organic and Fairtrade! Perfect for frying, roasting, baking and spreading, this oil is gluten and lactose free, with no additives or preservatives.

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Customer reviews

I bought this coconut oil as the benefits of it are becoming increasingly apparent. The problem I found with it was that it says it is natural and organic however it looks; tastes and feels so artificial and fake. I tried to cook with it but the taste just ruined the natural flavours of the meal. I tried this raw as well but the problem occurred again. What was more off putting was the smell. Again it is just too strong. Put up with that for a week and then I caved in. I think I will wait until there are more advances in the origins and benefits of coconut oil before I look to buy again. For the record, if you were looking to try coconut oil, avoid this one. You can see how off putting it has been to me.  

By on 21/08/2015

I thought it was spreadable as they say in the jar but it isn't, so if you are looking for something to spread on your toast this is not the best option.

By on 16/02/2015

I really like this coconut oil. I use it for frying, as a spread, in smoothies, as a moisturiser, conditioner and make up remover. I used to use biona, but tried Lucy Bee out for a change and I think I prefer it. It tastes better and smells better in my opinion! Will be buying again!

By on 31/01/2015

I bought this because a friend told me to try coconut oil for cooking instead of olive oil but I didn't like it. I don't know if it was because I've never tried it before but I found the taste very artificial. I also didn't like the texture. Can anyone recommend me another brand please? Thanks.

By on 18/12/2014

This is a great raw coconut oil - I use it in all kinds of cooking and have been known to use it as a moisturiser on really dry skin. Works every time.

By Leo Lambert on 20/08/2014

Coconut oil is maybe the healthiest fat to cook with, and it actually helps the body burn fat. It can be eaten raw (melt or just scoop some on hot/warm food) too, of course. Add a tablespoon to your morning porridge for a dose of healthy fats.

By Leah Houghton on 20/05/2013

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